Showers of Granduer

Showers of Grandeur

Em/ C


Lost Love………..

Found and returned on the shimmering petals of the morning flower

Growing on the untended outskirts of Destiny’s garden

Flightless Birds……..

Staring at the passing hopes in the sprawling sky

Nesting in melancholy fields of forgotten youthful dreams



And in the corners of my weary eyes

Lay wrinkled wisdom from a once broken smile

And as sunsets fade into the night

Replacing shadows of missing days, missing life

And the storming showers of grandeur

Fills my breathless atmosphere

Ill ride the joyful tears in a riverboat

Towards the sunrise of your love and warming light

Your warming light, fills my heart, fills my life


I surrender…………

To the morning of the days where a desperate fear escapes,

It dances on the forest of my mind and grips my feet.

Amaze and wonder……..

Finds the path thru the falling trees and stormy night

Shines the way to the burning stars inside your heart

Passions voice…….

Absorb us in to the rising waves of loves potential

Fold up time, till the sunsets of departs are now returns