Journey and Flow


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What a journey! It has been almost a full year that True Nature and the kitchen food arm was approached by Whole Foods and a few other Front Range grocery operations. And now we are days away from the first products hitting the shelf. It has taken almost all of this travelled time to align all of the components that it takes to engage such an undertaking.  More importantly than the dimensional yada yada of inspections, administrative hooping, application submissions, distribution and such, is the tempering of spirit and forging of intention, clarity and resolve.  The four founders of True Nature Kitchen and foods, Eaden, Deva, Pam and Myself have been on a “True Nature Warriors Journey” of sorts, to identify what it is that we are doing as we create and prepare magic to go into the world.  One of the questions we ask in our meetings and in intention creation settings are this, “What shall we do when we are honored with attention, for even a mere moment?”  What will we do differently that will garner an opportunity to share our message, who it is that we are and what do we believe here at True Nature?

To simply distill that answer out loud as we have discussed it as a group internally, and with all of our dear tribe staff; we are here to share presence and model what intentional presence can provide to our own healing.  In our ever-growing kitchen “Core Value Statement” written in erasable marker on the production kitchen wall (to allow for constant changes), we continue to evaluate this key statement that evolves from each tenant of our core values.

“We believe that what will illuminate True Nature’s greatness, is our High Vibration Culture. There may be many replications of our created products down the road, however our commitment to each other, our tribe and our intention will continue to set us apart and insure our regenerative potential.”

This statement is a distillation of our ten-ish internal core values that we continue to discuss and re-calibrate as we grow as a group. Many of these I wish to speak to individually as time moves forward.

One thing that we are certain of as founders is the extraordinary task that spirit has entrusted to us. To provide just a glimpse of awareness to what we all are capable of here in this glimmer of a lifetime. To Awaken.  To Evolve.  To Love. Each and every choice that we make in our efforts, in all aspects of True Nature Kitchen is refined thru this concept. We have a belief that if we continue to honor our commitment to this intention, even when we are faced with fear, or friction internally, we trust we will continue to be supported.  Modeling this with an intention to see only our selves transmute our own pains and wounds is a much clearer, more manageable path to local and global supports than something as outwardly lofty as saving the world.  In True Nature Kitchen, we see our moment of attention as a potential to show a lighted bridge. As we are deeply immersed in the paradigms of modern day business, we interact with the daily constructs and conflicts of the business world.  And we are now blessed to see so many ascension companies like ourselves, choosing this bridge potential of ethical and transparent interactions. Taking a longer road and less travelled to investigate all aspects of sustainable and fair practices, and looking for ways to be a value and be in service to our local and global community.  Re-tooling the way we look at financial health, and supporting a movement from the paradigm of fear and lack attitude, hoarding, and stockholder based distribution decisions, to one of fairness and equalized compensations across the stakeholder pathway.  It is a passageway of little bites, setbacks and sometimes heart wrenching tears.  Still, the rewards we seek to be a partner to in this great experiment, and the constant flow of loving adoration and fulfillment that comes each time we hit the mark, inspires us deeper into our passions and makes the tasks and grinds so much more delicious.  It additionally invokes our greatest tool in our manifestation tool belt, Gratitude. Thank you to each member of our internal True Nature tribe. Thank you for your belief, your hard work and willingness to see this as a great experiment towards your own growth as we all grow together. Thank you to our dear community who provides us with adoration and loving feedback that helps us all grow forward. And, Thank You to each of my dear partners in this crazy journey, Pam, Eaden and Deva, whom hold the flag of this belief and vision with as much love and tenacity as any other beings I’ve worked with. They also exhibit extraordinary endurance and patience towards the wild haired mad scientist and persevering samurai I can be when I love a vision this much. It is a perfect alchemy, and I’m honored to be a small part of it. Look for some amazing things from True Nature this year as we light the fuse and blast off with High Prana.

As Tears Flow

Life’s tears, they do fall

Sugar from the sky,

Salt from the eye,

They blend in a dance of destiny that consecrates the very mother they caress,

And gives life to all the creatures, plants and souls, with love,

They bless.

Merging with all earth’s waters making way to the seas regal plateau.

Love is the “only” journey,

Love is the endless flow,

Love is the natural instincts in which they’re joining create.

In the rivers they roar, congregating in strength, creating the very landscapes they forge.

In the oceans they fall in reverence to the goddess moon, bowing and rising as each wave surrenders its majestic life to the shore.

In the calm bottoms of lakes and streams they coalesce in primordial bliss to support life struggling, gestating, and emerging to express.

And in the heat and radiance of the grandfather suns glow, the drops choose ascension and shift from dense matter to ethereal essence,

 Sharing all waters journey with creator,

And begin yet another path towards unity and presence.

The power of choice granted to each droplet never finding a moment of hesitation

As a tree, a rock, or body of earth present separation.

Love is the choice, the impeccable dream,

The water travels, surrenders, nourishes, and returns upstream.

And deeply embedded in the cells of every salty, sugary tear,

The soul of every rain bead this Mantra we all inherently know,

Love is the journey

Love is the flow

The Abundant Bounties of Loving Balanced Service

True Nature Kitchen, the loving food hand of True Nature Healing Arts is blessed to be in the flow of providing service to something that we deeply believe in. Beyond the realms of preparing High Prana, living foods every day with intention. We are honored to be in service to ]enny Labaw,  an astonishing crossfit athlete who also lives with epilepsy. Jenny has been personally called to action and is running in amazing service, across the state of Colorado to raise awareness and resource for epilepsy.  It is just as significant an honor for us as True Nature leadership to watch as our True Nature tribe and local community embrace this opportunity to serve with excited and tireless efforts.

So, ’tis here that segue into a service topic ensue.  As the third Mayan Electric Moon of Service (Sept 20th – Oct 17th) is currently holding us, it seemed so natural to discuss.  And if that wasn’t enough inspiration, a lively discussion in our community’s conscious men’s group recently engulfed the subject of service and brought powerful revelations to everyone involved.

So what exactly is it, this concept of service and how can we use it as a tool of transformation? “SERVICE,” with so many positive interpretations has an equal amount of observable conundrums to dismantle. Is service a noun, an adjective or a verb? Yes! On all accounts as it appears so according to all knowing Wikipedia.  Seems like service is one of those words that has been deceptively diluted to weaken its bearing like “organic,” “all natural,” or a stale political “I Promise.” Let’s see, there is: phone service, table service, military service, service to others, civil service, church service, service economy, service animal and even “to serve man,” a deliciously deceptive alien cookbook presented to us in a 60’s Twilight zone episode.  I suppose all definitions have a hint of the same in that supporting someone in some sort of helpful activity or basic need would suffice. And yet for me, service is seeded in humble modest actions with far reaching potentials. Noteworthy distinguishable Service to the world does not have to be grandiose and embody the likes and work of Mother Teresa or Ghandi. To me, service starts with sharing the love of what you do and the gift of who you are with the world. It’s not a race to a finish or a contest to be won, Service is an extraordinary opportunity to enrich our walk in life as we love, support and empower others.


Now, before I go any further, I’ll share with you some personal truth. I don’t know much, and am not writing to suggest I have a single answer for you.  I’m just a guy like any other with a lot of stupidity scars and a knapsack of personal adventure knowledge from walking this earth enthusiastically for a while now. So that’s all I would attempt to share is a perspective on the topic.  With that disclaimer firmly in place I offer this as fodder for consideration. Service to me is firmly rooted in several strong denominators: Balance, Surrender and Receiving.

Balance, not unlike the act of high wire acrobatics, can in fact be the life or death component to Service. Maybe that’s overly dramatic, or is it? Some folks, much like myself have heroes and icons that died in the gates of service. Broken, tired, poor and completely worn out.  A life sometimes judged in the paradigms of materialistic excess as a shame.  Sure, nobody might think that of the prolific icons of service, but would easily classify the daily underdog hero’s whose selfless actions never made the mainstream media. However their tiny actions meant the world to some small group of humans whom benefited from the humble acts of selfless service. I would be willing to bet a sack of beads that a posthumous poll of dedicated selfless servers would reveal that the lack of material stuff, for all Saintly Servers, was actually the ultimate win for their lifetime. HE with the least wins!! Perhaps though, balancing their time in the trenches of support might have have been sweetened by just a bit more self-care, time with loved ones and personal nourishment.

I sometimes foolishly compare my walk with my idyllic mentors, and how tirelessly they must have worked in service. And what I have learned is that even reading hundreds or thousands of pages detailing a person’s life often leave flat and empty all of the moments of truth that even the most revered humans certainly experienced. Most likely the humanness of a tired, overworked being that’s exhausted and cranky, snapped at loved ones, forsaking time for themselves or with the ones they love. Secretly wishing they could slip into quiet anonymity for a while to recharge the old batteries. Conveying that might fail to keep the fabled mythical stories robust, and lead people to irrational thoughts of being able to be exactly like their champion’s, despite their own mortal fragility.

Service to self is an often-missing component in the diligent beings that campaign for looking out for others and the planet itself.  Clearly a remnant of “guilt pie” belief system served up from the fading archetypes. This imperative act of self service is not of course to be confused with selfishness, the terrible step sibling of self service that does only what it can for the sake of themselves.

Now, I personally have been guilty of this overgiving, “in service to” addiction, and have come to realize that ungrounded service to others can be a condition of a tainted stripe of the old ego.  I have even found ways to use over service, as a tool to sabotage myself out of something really good for me. Heck, in fact I have in my long passionate kitchen journey been known to repeat the ludicrous cliché, “Oh I’ll sleep, or take care of myself when I die.” Dumb! And now that I am approaching the half-century mark in my life, I feel like I don’t mind a good night’s sleep or a sunny afternoon nap, or even a day off every now and then with friends and loved ones.

I get from all the data I’m harvesting that it’s vital to honor yourself, your energy and not taking the gas tank long beyond empty.

There’s no point in taking this extremely advanced bio-body space suit towards the ultimate event horizon of awakened consciousness, with a driver too tired and worn to recognize or appreciate the majesty.

Summation, service to others must, in my humble opinion, start with committed balanced service to self.

Then there is Surrender! That’s right; run that white flag all the way up the pole and let the release wash over you. How unfortunate that the word has been embraced by bolstered masculine mentality judgment that surrender is the act of a cowardly quitter. When in fact, I believe it to hold the greatest container of courage and personal growth. Forget the broken loop perpetuated in war movies, think personal growth and good for the all, now. And how does surrender aid Service? Again from my viewpoint, surrendering ego, surrendering attachments to outcome, surrendering projections (premeditated resentments) and surrender the need to be seen or acknowledged for service actions, anchors true service. Surrender the fear that service is overwhelming. Where we sometimes think that all we have time for is personal survival. Surrender disbelief that there is only a little bit for you and not enough for everybody. That line of thinking has to only promote our current platform of materialistic strongholds in greed, hoarding, and lack mentality.  Surrender beliefs that hold us back from wanting to do something kind for another individual because we believe them to be a con, or that the little you can do won’t make a difference and therefore not worth doing.  The act of unattached service is just as important to our own spirit as it is to the needful recipient. I can’t help and therefore surrender that if the dollar I give to the homeless man goes to buy a beer or into a fur coat fund of a homeless impostor. I am just grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to give from a place of love and compassion, and somehow be of service in the moment. And tame my mind to want to see the best possible outcomes that encourage more service.  And sometimes it’s not even a dollar, it’s a willingness to ask someone their name, and acknowledge them. Simple acts that evoke our willingness to be in service.  Mother Teresa once shared in an American interview when asked how we could help her cause. She replied, find someone who does not have any hope and does not believe they are loved, and spend every day convincing them there is hope and that they are loved.

And lastly, Receiving supports service. Huh? You may ask. What an extraordinarily simple concept that has been taken to the brink inherent disbelief.

Do I? Do you? Do we allow space to receive? One of the greatest imparted misconceptions to the true service oriented cosmonaut- Give-Give-Give while conveying an old notion that taking anything for self is wicked, wrong or downright unspiritual. We’re not talking about engaging the tenants of greed, hoarding and excess here, I’m talking about revealing the balance piece that allows for us to receive that which we need to nourish and keep moving in and towards service. I often share in my manifestation and creation conversations that one of the five tenants of abundant manifestation, which by the way are all completely framed in service, is: “Receptivity and the ability to successfully stay open to receiving.” The higher realms and dimensions need us to be in service to each other and ourselves. And, in the honor of divine reciprocity, are willing to support us by giving us anything we need to be in service.  I offer this – a silly dialog,  to help illuminate and hit the old point on the head:

Spirit: Here, take this banana

Me: I can’t take the banana

Spirit: Why?

ME: because those two people need the banana more

Sprit: Yes, but you have not eaten in days, and the banana won’t do them any good if you die of hunger before you give them some of the banana you promised to help acquire.

ME; that’s ok, I’d rather be a banana martyr with no banana, than to be perceived as an unspiritual banana hoarder, or banana hustler as I am only here to serve!

Spirit: You are really missing the universal point of the banana! Now take it please before all three of you perish.

Me: Ok let me ponder, overthink and process that for a while…

Spirit: AHH, Welcome to the afterlife, you’re a bit early,

And you’ll be heading back to earth soon, and next time, take some of the damn banana!

Of course there are times that service pinches a bit and takes us to the point of exhaustion, which in and of itself is a powerful and dynamic teacher as long as it is not our normal and usual landing pad. Sometimes we as humans avoid the dynamic interactions because they are uncomfortable. But then without discomfort, where the heck is the learning? Service should push us out of our daily zones, it should ask us to check in and see if we are in alignment with a higher cause.  Even if the cause is to find our own happiness. And from a grander perspective, Service allows us to see deep into ourselves, and to each other. Service offers us a powerful reflection that will engage our compassion and kindness. Couldn’t we use more of that?

So while in the actions of service if I can figure my way to take a deep cleansing breath for myself, take a peek at the landscape and get a full snootful of the flowers while in supporting a cause for others, then I’ll be! That sounds like the best of all potentials in balanced reciprocity based service. Doing what you love every day is not only revolutionary, it is divine service. Sharing what you love to do with others is truly some of the liquid to be found in the endearing chalice of this lifetime.

Under the Hood of a Hero’s Heart; True Natures Living Foods Fueling Jenny Labaw in Moving Mountains

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.38.00 PM

There She Goes!!

3 days in and running like the fine-tuned Ferrari that she is.  Jenny Labaw has completed over 50 miles of the 500-mile trek thru the Rockies to raise awareness and resource for epilepsy. And, undergoing an epic step by step journey of learning oneself. A true Hero’s Journey

Chef David Starbear here, one of the crazy True Nature Kitchen, High Prana Alchemists along with my Friend and Culinary Alchemist, business partners of 16 years, Chef Pam Davis. And here in the Pit crew of “Team True Nature Kitchen”, _DW43121speaking for our extraordinary team, and myself, we are honored to be supporting Jenny in her Call to Action. We are working round the clock, to keep Jenny fueled and moving in peak performance. As we get diagnostic feedback from the crew leaders, friends, family and supporters on site  we will continue to convert that into making many high-octane,living food  adjustments to Jenny’s Nutri-Fying thru the duration.

Pam and I will also be catching up with Jenny and the team along the way to gain insight, provide more food, and offer as much support anywhere possible. A good reason to heed the call of mountain surroundings.

Along the way we will share some of the High Prana Living foods we are supplying to her and the team., and go “under the Hood” of some of the amazing  foods and ingredients  we are creating to keep Jenny in tune along the way.

So jump in, ask questions, so we can learn along the way.

If you see Jenny come thru your town, give her a definitive hero’s ‘Huzzah” as she is truly a model of commitment for us all to reflect.

Today is a good Day to Live!!