Sonic Journeys

“Quadrivium Resonance” Sonic Journeys”

Gong, Drum and Multi-Instrumental Explorations

Developed thru a lifetime of deep sonic study and global travel, David StarBear musically guides and co-creates personal transformation and dimensional facilitation thru multi-instrumental mastery and Merging the universal arts of geometry, astrology, and numbers with sounds and vibrations that takes journeyers into the infinite spaces between.

Events can be customized to support various events and modalities. Sonic Journeys can also be booked with multi-layers of offerings to Include TULIP All world Kirtans, Coaching and Teaching Sessions, and Enlightened Road Conversations.  Offereings for reciprocity exchange (Meals, Travel support and Accommodation support) are openly and willingly encouraged for discussion

Bookings for:

Yoga and Spiritual Centers

Convalescent and Rehab Centers

Private Bookings

Corporate Wellness Events

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