Indigenous Heart Mythology

I may be a Mutt

I’ve been christened a Mongrel

Historically crossbred and disregarded

As an unwelcome scoundrel

Leaving me indifferent and apathetic to any earthly

Bloodline or Heredity

That would ask me to patriotically plant a flag

Or become a thief of another humans dignity

To cast assumptive shadows on another beings

Character or reputation

Due to place of origin, color of skin,

Physical attributes or economic station

Magnified revelations into an unparalleled height of arrogance

Illuminating the potential death of compassion

And the birth of caustic,

Dividing comparisons

To say the least

We have all struggled to fit in

Because of the disparities of antiquity

The crimes of others actions

Acted devoid of remorse and outright iniquity

Someone’s always beaten for not bearing the right colors

Living in the right country

Or provable relations to full blooded mothers

We’ve all been chastised, reprimanded, punished, forsaken

Carried delusional separation burdens

Till were so broken, from the nightmares,

We could barely awaken

We’ve been officially excommunicated and excluded

By dogmatism, classism, religion, racism,

Many are even publically expelled

in societal excisions

For entertaining too radical a positive dream

Or god forbid distrusted for

Idealistically expressing

Candid optimistic schemes

But in this instant,

When we are quiet and in the moment

We are indigenous to the heart

And many landscapes and ancestors far beyond it

We may not have incarnated in this lifetime merry go-round,

As an individual that is stereotypically noted

As an obvious representative of ancestral wisdom

Or have been anointed a guru by someone culturally devoted

But I am certain, like you and everyone here

We carry cellular intelligence

Of this exquisite, blue green sphere

We bleed her dust, soil and mud

Her wind and air our movement

Her water our tears, our blood

The perspective we carry

From just our feet walking on this earth

Is as vital and significant

As any other Human story’s worth

Have we not grown tired of the acceptance and tolerance?

That we are alone, Isolated, Divided and Hated

Because of some contrived, divisive comparison

That is willingly masticated, ingested

After being egregiously plated

The shadowy they,

Who are ultimately you and me

Who might seek to divide us,

Cut us off at the knees

When we no longer overlook the abundant

Indications and evidence,

That we are one in this journey

With the potentials to manifest

We’ll make the fierce walk together

Towards drama and segregations exodus

We are all indigenous to the stars, planets

And all matter in between

Our DNA the irrefutable confirmation

That we come from divine, galactic genes

We are radical agents that voluntarily agreed

To a task of the re-inception of light

With a battle cry of loving our diversity

By our own highest decree

One that fortifies and ensures our collective might

Yes !

We approved of this this voyage

As an honor, not a plight

Agreeing to our unity calls forth the mightiest allies

Birthed and forged in the cauldrons of collective truth

That we are all one species,

Indigenous to the sprawling skies

A native to all the planets, stars

And this dear mother earth

We are a chalice to ancient royal blood

That extends far beyond

This temporary

Body’s birth

We Mutually possess a celestial sovereignty

To love the dragons of division

Back into alignment,

And completing this odyssey

Molded from mutual,

Cosmic aboriginal legends


Marching toward the truth portals

Opening procession

Hail forth all Awakening Celestial progeny

The time is now to share with the world

Our heroic,


Human Heart Mythology

David Starbear

Image Credit

 Geometric Heart

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