Wobblin thru the FLOW

Wobblin thru the Flow

Double drop d tune

Simple walk


Grey haze, a dozen planes

Schlepping bags from gate to gate

Broken Buses, Rocky Roads

Diesel Fumes and more danger looms

It’s a small price to pay to live the visions of the world


Cuz were, wobbling thru the flow

Wobbling thru the flow

Don’t know where were headed,

Just surrender where to go

Cuz when the foreign dust has settled

And were working our way home

All the magic of the journey

Sews deeply in our soul


One more pristine valley, Himalayan mountain tops

Dangling bridges, deadly drops

Local gawkers at every dhal bhat stop

For the wander lusted dreamer, there is no other way




Foreign sky frames a brand new set of stars

Tibbetan temples, Buddhist monks

all the children have open hearts

when we finally see each other, the flow will carry us all home.


Chorus x 2

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