Radiant Agents of Light and Change

Radiant Agents of Light and Change,

Ushers of the highest lights.

My dreams to share today, are about the amazing collaborators we are.

So omnipresent and divine, that we actually wield the power to help us

Genuinely remain suspended in this inanimate fall. An unconscious stall towards the belief that we are dis-empowered, limited and fragile. Mighty enough to call upon us a great veil of absence of any primordial memory that we are all so exactly the brilliant opposite of any of those worldly limitations.

How extraordinary we are to call in upon us debilitating physical reminders of this gravitational illusion we invest in to challenge ourselves. Having long chosen to adhere to in this human lifetime in the illusions of when we step too close, and approach the doubtless knowing of our divine greatness, and often remorsefully kneel to the belief that our fear, or the view that something, anything outside of ourselves, is somehow greater than we are. Our hearts compass steadfastly beat and drum to the certainty of who we are. It’s the one magical amulet we agreed to put in our travel bag, that we could pull out any time and remind us how to find our way.

This great hoop of learning we create, depends on each and every perspective that moves towards the circle. For us to truly learn the vastness of all there is to witness, we must unquestionably need to see what it feels like to be faithfully limited. This in order to witness and universally anchor the precious contrast of being wholly and absolutely limitless. And in this observation thru diversity we anciently agreed to each other, that those that chose the role of protagonist in this role, offer us the opportunity to call question to our worth. Our integrity, or our willingness to step closer to the brilliance mastery of our artistry.

This journey is only for illuminated ancient masters of transformation, only for the heroic roadway of the heart and the passageway back to the golden chalice. The alchemical transmutation of this dense field of awkward and yet necessary pastures of free will. The ingredients; service and compassion, gratitude, and self love.

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