Primal Trust

Primal Trust

Kin 55 2013 ( katmandu airport)


In a remote Mountain forest, old stars pour into these waking, loving eyes

Can you see me dancing in the blackest night,

Surrendering my fears, risking my life

Pushing the elastic nature of my hearts flexible, yet fragile skin

I wanna dress my wounds in feathers,

And toss them up and all away, to the healing summer winds


How much time have I lost waiting for the mayan days to end

I know that primal trust is the only must for loving new days to spin

A piece of you, a piece of me, twin flames unite

In an endless cosmic sea,

Just listen and be still she says

Till the morning sun emerges, and lights the brand new days


Ten thousand liquid sunlights, swim around my astonished eyes

Sets fire to everything I thought I knew

All ive learned, what ive been

The sun inside the loving mirror, breaks beliefs that tie and anchor me

And the frameworks of forever

Surrenders false redemptions, burns shackles

Sets us free!




Reflections of a nepali moon, sings her voice into my mind

Melts away the fraying puppet strings

That once held me jangled

Bouncing without wings

When I look into forever’s eyes, your always on the other side

Lets crack the sky and wander thru

To the foreign ancient places where all the other flames reside.



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