Lonely Star

Lonely star


AM I Breathing now, I cant tell cause I cant hear you

Am I breathing now, Someone help me I cant see you

Is my heart alive, im not so sure cause it seems to hurt all the time

Is my heart still there, I cant tell I feel like I might be going blind


And im searching everywhere

And I just cant find

Those missing pieces that I know will ease my mind

Somewhere in the corner of the sky

2 lonely stars collide

Are you breathing now, its all that on my mind When I break down and cry

Are you singing now, I cant help but wonder what songs have you found

Are you looking hard, have you found any answer to your deepest frights

Do you see that life is more,

Than a place to work and die

Have the jigsaw puzzle pieces orchestrated in your mind

Somewhere in the corner of the sky

That lonely star divides

That dark door in the night, draws in all the precious light

And the shattered fragments of the sky are like teardrops in flight

Can we reach our arms above it all

And give in to one last fight

To shut the door, and save the light

Were breathing now

I feel your warm breath heating up my cheek

Im singing now

And the song Well It now just seems so complete

I put the pencil down, and smile at what we wrote

And the lyrics will last the ages giving other stars some hope

And somewhere in the corner of the sky

All the lonely stars reside

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