imagine in your hearts eye

Imagine in your hearts eye,

that we are each here in this moment because of our unique signature of love and light. The one that only you can resonate, and breathe, inward and outward.

With eyes closed, Breath a deep life affirming breath and feel the presence of love all around you. Feel beyond the eyes, into the Cosmic Heartbeat of every divine being in your presence. AWAKEN and REMEMBER.

Remember that we have all traveled many lifetimes together as friends, as lovers as family and antagonists.

All with the divine purpose of awakening from darkness,

Evolving consciousness,

And transmuting fear to love.

Remember your choice to be here on this divine young planet as an elite agent of light.

Remember that you are surrounded and supported in this dimension, and many other dimensions by other elite members of your renegade family of light.

Remember that the Mission here on earth is to choose love in every situation and live only your unique truth. For this is the clearest way to transmute fear, by being a living example of unconditional love.

Remember that this mission is held in the highest regards by all universal beings as they, and we, will all benefit from this divine galactic event. Your life in this time is a testament to your warrior’s journey, and your divine right to claim this honor.

Release the illusion that we are disconnected from everything in this material dimension, and go deep inside your wisdom to recall your celestial connection to all that is. Dispel all notions of coincidence that supports the illusions of an inanimate and random universe.

Surrender to the Truth that synchronicity, presence, truth and love is the magnanimous energy that propels all of life.


AWAKEN to the truth of your imperative presence in this galactic event of a lifetime.


EVOLVE- out of the ashes of this rebirthed being born into this construct of fear and darkness, doubt and disconnection into a winged light being that carries the simple message of creators infinite light


LOVE yourself deeply, breath in all aspects of your experience, your deeply valued perspective. Experience everything you observe and encounter. Pass them each thru the galactic plasmas of each living chakra, breath out transmuted Divine Infinite, unconditional love.



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